Field Pro

FIELDPRO™: is a customizable solution that converts your inspection forms onto phones and tablets. A best all in one solution for Inspection Management, Survey Management, Workflow management , Resource management and tracking. Architected on MS .NET framework, Location based Services and Mobile Application to efficiently integrate with existing GIS infrastructure in minimizing project and maintenance costs.

The major benefits of FIELDPRO are:

  • It is web-based and online
  • Support Mobile and ticket issuance
  • Supports wireless printer to print notifications and tickets.
  • Android / Windows Mobiles can be used online and offline mode
  • Collect media rich field data on devices quickly, even without network coverage, and submit the mobile forms to the office in real time.
  • Automatically connect your data to the backend system.
  • Maintain History of the violations.
  • Flexible integration with ERP systems to fetch the citizen’s and entities data
  • Completely dynamic and does not make use of any static templates.
  • Allows for the separation of IT from workflow management. This puts the business process immediately and directly under the control of the people using the system.
  • Customizable Forms
  • Fully featured inspections / survey solution offering simple dashboards, intelligent surveys, client access and more
  • Citizens can login, raise the complaints and track the status.

Why FieldPro?

Many inspectors are still performing their inspections, survey related activities and daily tasks using manual, paper- based forms. However, applying appropriate technology and providing simple-to-use automation tools can increase productivity, improve utilization of resources, and improve profitability. By combining easy to use but sophisticated software and handheld devices, organizations can save time and money while improving operational efficiencies and minimizing downtime.

Handheld devices should reflect or improve on what already exists on paper forms. For example, if a user is filling out an inspection form including specific information, the handheld should provide the exact same function. As with paper forms, a handheld user can pick from a list of possible choices and/or write or type in information, according to the organization’s preferences. An added benefit of using handheld devices in conjunction with software is that data is automatically transferred from the handheld device to your database without the need for further data entry or reformulation of the data.

FieldPro Architecture

It is general practice to build the total solution in as 1 unified web application. The technology advancements facilitate to provide the User interfaces through the Web Application and hence the flexibility to anywhere access. However, based on the need and scalability of the enterprise needs, the entire software is divided into 9 components, out of, 4 components shall be exposed to the Users.

The proposed solution is built on SOA and systems are built on CBSE – Component Bases Software Engineering practice.

Key Advantages:

  • Supports English language (second language option is not required)
  • Built on proven software and platforms
  • Operations focused UI and desktop UI’s are browser based
  • Profile based access
  • Scalable to any across projects and
  • Mobile Application - PDA application is compatible with Andriod 2.3 or above or Windows 8.1 or above
  • Tightly integrated, but loosely dependent
  • Pluggable modules through the database mapping
  • Works without the Map Components
  • Exclusive interfaces for external, internal and maintenance teams
  • Security management like roles, users, devices, audit log and centralized exception handling
  • Ready to use scheduling and inspection allocation techniques
  • Detailed Asset Management from invoice to allocation to maintenance

Technologies used

Software Version
MS.NET 4.5
MS.NET 5.0
WCF Services 4.5
MS SQL Server 2012
MS IIS 7.0
HTML5 viewer for mobile and PC
Mobile Application
  • Android
  • Windows
Location Based Services
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Map Server

How FieldPro improves Inspections / Survey Management System ?

Inspectors conduct inspections on food and other establishments such as butcheries, restaurants, food suppliers, Barber shops, beauty parlors, laundries, swimming pools and other commercial establishments. Supervisor is responsible for scheduling the inspections to inspectors.

The inspections include food handler’s health checkups, various trainings to the food handlers, their health card expiry details, solid waste disposal, pest control, slaughter houses and meat processing units, Issuing Trading Licenses to the establishments to name few, also includes food samples to be tested at laboratory.

All the scheduling, inspections, follow ups, tracking and the inspection reports are handled manually. Notifications for violations and training invitations are sent manually to establishments and representatives. It is very difficult for supervisor to remember the follow up inspections of inspectors on various dates. Also for inspectors it is a tedious task to prepare all the reports for the weekly and monthly inspections and the violations.

The major challenge for the department is to track the past history of the violation for any establishments and the corrective actions given to establishments by department.

FIELDPRO addresses all the issues related to inspections, trainings and all operations performed at back office in department. FIELDPRO web application helps managerial staff to support activities related to scheduling, Inspection and analysis. Using Android Mobiles inspectors can perform inspections and raise issues. For these tasks FIELDPRO mobile application is useful. Workflows can be configured in FIELDPRO and tracks the issues from start to end. Importantly FIELDPRO sends notifications at all levels of inspection to all the users / staff associated to the issue.

Under FIELDPRO trainings can be scheduled, trainings can be designed and training material can be maintained as document attachment online. And automatic training notifications will be sending to trainers, trainees and supervisors.

Using FIELDPRO approximately 50% of the staff time can be saved.

Possible usage areas of product:

  • Municipal Corporation Services
  • Revenue Services
  • Public Health Departments
  • Surveys for all Developmental Projects
  • Civil Supplies Departments
  • Supports for all Departmental Inspections