A method of determining the co-ordinates points of a terrain on the basis of aerial photographs.

CoordTech provides professional photogrammetric services within timeframe delivery schedule & quality standard which meet the client requirement..WET constantly strive to generate high quality data under the training & guidance of highly skilled technical coterie..Our advanced technology & stereo plotting facility enhances optimal quality in the georeferenced color balanced orthophotos.

Coord Technologies provides the highest quality mapping and remote sensing services available in the market today. We specialize in photogrammetric services and we offer our work at reasonable rates. Employing the latest in geo mapping technology and that along with our highly experienced team ensures that our services have a high degree of reliability and accuracy which is not easily found in our field.

Our experienced staff coupled with the latest mapping technology ensures accurate and reliable data. We integrate knowledge, technology, people and business with geographic zones to provide innovative and potential services to local as well as global clients. Our Services includes

Aero Triangulation:

Coordtech utilizes an automated aero-triangulation process for triangulation, thereby minimizing manual work and operator intervention. Our approach combines point selection, point measurement, point transfer, and block adjustment in a single process. The orientation has following main steps.

The camera lens forms a photograph by a bundle of rays. In stereo Photogrammetry a bundle of rays is reconstructed by calculating orientation parameters. In creating the ground model on a suitable scale, two orientation processes are accomplished.

1. Inner orientation: Inner orientation is a process by which the image-forming bundles of rays for each photo is reconstructed, true in its geometry. The IO is the process to find the positions and orientation of the film coordinate system of the image obtained by scanner / camera. During this process fiducially points are measured. Before starting IO process, calibration data (i.e. calibrating focal length, radial lens distortion values) is entered in the system.

2. Exterior Orientation: -The relationship with the object spaces is created by exterior orientation of centrally projected image space.

3D City Modeling

The models are created from on already established basic maps like orthophotos and height models and are used for 3D visualization.

We have generated over 150 sq kilometers of 3D city models covering various parts of Australia. Building roof polylines, DTM (either in form of a TIN or contours with regular interval) and Digital Orthophoto (DOP) are generated using Photogrammetry techniques, following which the 3D building roof polylines and the terrain data are imported into 3D Max studio. The building polylines are draped to ground level and the roof textures are mapped from the aerial photos. The side textures are mapped out from a terrestrial photograph for high level of details.

Digital Terrain Models

Digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM) and digital elevation models (DEM) are produced as per your requirements.

  • Stereo plotting & image rectification
  • Stereo plotting & image rectification
  • Radiometric & geometric image processing
  • Digital Orthophoto generation
  • Aerial triangulation