Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, as a part of Reforms in the Power Sector, has launched the Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) as a Central sector scheme on July, 2008. The focus of the program is on the actual demonstrable performance in terms of AT&C loss reduction, establishment of the reliable and automated sustainable systems for collection of base line data, adoption of information technology in the areas of energy accounting, consumer care and strengthening of Distribution network of State Power Utilities.


Land & Property Management

The various government departments involved in land and property management are beginning to recognize the benefits which use of a Geographical Information System (GIS) can bring to their organizations. GIS provides a means to manage land and property data, to provide rapid access to information, and to analyze that information in a geographical context.

Government bodies need accurate and detailed geographical information to ensure that they make the right decisions. GIS and web mapping tools can generate a realistic picture of such information, providing a view of resource allocation, activity levels, risk or stakeholder requirement.

Meter Installation

The objective of this project is to install meter of direct supply/ Indicated defective with meter maintenance of DEPARTMENT. We mainly Collect / Capture Meter details,Lat long values and Real time data update in web application(exact time of meter installation with site photograph for verification purposes).

Meter sealing & Meter installation image will be provided. So that a record is generated in soft copy. Automatically all abstract reports to be e-mailed to the concerning authorities at end of the day. Reports will also be e-mailed fortnightly and on monthly basis to the concerned authorities.

Document Manager

Document manager is a web solution for uploading & storing your documents in web server. And able to download those documents in future. User can able to search document with the combination of respective feilds.By default the the search result will display in desending order based on document created date.

User will add & upload the consumer attributes with document to be upload. User will edit the consumer details & upload the new document if user wish to change the document related to the consumer.


This project was undertaken under Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) Project of Government of India, to map the existing infrastructure in the identified slum areas.

Based on this survey Detailed Project Report will be prepared to improve the infrastructure facilities in the slums.

During Survey, Slum boundaries, Water lines, Drainage lines, Roads were mapped using ETS(Electronic Total Station)and also 0.5m satellite data was used to prepare base map. We Successfully Completed nearly 200 slum areas in Guntur Town, Andhra Pradesh.

Flood Management

Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Flood Management (NewZealand) Advancements in the remote sensing technology and the GIS help in real time monitoring, early warning and quick damage assessment of flood disasters. A GIS is a tool that can assist floodplain managers in identifying flood prone areas in their community. With a GIS, geographical information is stored in a database that can be queried and graphically displayed for analysis. By overlaying or intersecting different geographical layers, flood prone areas can be identified and targeted for mitigation or stricter floodplain management practices.

Pot Hole Mapping

Pot Hole Mapping: GHMC During rainy season pot holes were formed on many roads in Hyderabad Municipal Area.

To identify pot holes survey was conducted using GARMIN GPS Instruments and displayed on satellite data. This data will be used in identifying the roads where pot holes are present and remedial measures will be initiated.