GIS online solutions - Web Mapping Services and developments

We create GIS Web portals and Web Mapping services to display any GIS, or Raster data online. Add search or management tools to your GIS web portals to find or update any information you may need.

Main capabilities:

  • Supports any Geospatial data (Raster, Vector)
  • Queryable database
  • Public available data (WMS, WFS...)
  • Map tools
  • User friendly

Gis development- Desktop tools, services and customization using SDK

We develop custom GIS applications - according to customer's needs from simple customizations up to typical integrations.

Technology expertise

  • C#/C++ (ARX)
  • VBA
  • AutoLISP
  • .NET
  • Python

Important Tools

  • Utility network vector conversion from surveyed data
  • Topology checking tools.
  • Integration of data from one GIS format to another
  • Report generation