Geo Spatial Services

Today demand for Location based technologies usage rapidly increasing. At the same time it also carries bigger and bigger challenges to industry expertise. One common challenge for GIS experts is simplify user experience, because “The applications of GIS services limited only by the imagination of those who use it” unless they are simple to use it.

In order to achieve IT , GIS industry challenges , having accurate data to support operational, engineering and analytical processes is critical to achieve organizational excellence. At Coord Technologies’, we tied customers directly into our data services delivery center through the use of single point of contact, and our spatial BI capability to create a one-stop program management information center where internal and external review of deliverables, project progress, statistics and QA/QC are undertaken. Our team leverages cross-industry best practices in order to achieve innovation in delivery, and all services are passed through a stringent quality check before being delivered to the client.

GIS means geographical information system where geography and geometrics integrated in GIS Environment for spatial data analysis. GIS indeed, developed to GIS World the cartography meaning to GIS cloud and spatial data mining. GIS Mapping means GIS data, including GIS raster data or GIS vector data converted to GIS information using GIS mapping software. GIS requirements as GPS navigation in GIS Utility sector resulted GIS portal applications.

A geographic Information System integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographically referenced or geospatial information .

Coord Technologies has the expertise in providing digital mapping services and solutions conversion (vectorization and digitization) , migration, maintenance and mapping solutions. Coord Tech has the LiDAR and Photogrammetry capabilities and knowledge base to create 3D-city and urban Information models.

Governments, Utilities, and private business require GIS to be built upon accurate and complete geospatial data that supports the multiple uses and daily operations within an enterprise. Coord Technologies will work as your partner to design, build, and implement a dataset to realize the full potential of GIS. Coord Technologies’s suite of products and services focus on all phases of building GIS, which includes:

Data modeling

Coord Technologies will work with you to develop an innovative GIS Database to best fit of your business need or improve the way your organization does business.
Data base expertise: ArcGIS, Smallworld with oracle Spatial.

Data Conversion

Coord Technlogies has strong expertise in digitization of real world assets in a form of Digital map.This includes include the mapping of cadastral and administrative GIS features, geodatabase conversions, and spatial adjustment services.

Technology Expertise

  • Auto CAD
  • ArcGIS
  • MicroStation
  • MapInfo

Data Migration

The biggest challenge in migrating GIS data between systems is transforming the data so that it will not lose any of its legacy information in the new system – this transformation is critical because different systems that perform similar functions typically work differently, and therefore store data differently.  No two systems are alike , Then only we go for Data Migration.

Technology Expertise

  • FME Desktop
  • ArcGIS & ArcSDE etc.

Data Maintenance

GIS Database need to be up to date as it is real world objects OR assets. Sometimes it could act cross verification of GIS Database w.r.t field details. It also includes addition of cadastre features etc.