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Latest Updates

  • 21 Dec

    CoordTech has Successfully Empanelled with ORSAC for DGPS Survey and GIS mapping vendor.

    CoordTech has Successfully enrolled with RECPDCL for GPS based Survey of Power System Networks.

    As a client company of TCS, Coord Tech has completed first Phase of R-APDRP (AP) and proudly submitted to TCS successfully.read more →


Coord Technologies has great passion towards handling challenges to deliver assignments, Since, Coord Technologies have successfully delivering in last 7 years for a challenging Project called R-APDRP. R-APDRP success made Coord Technologies one among few strong companies in India. We wish them all the best for all their future endeavors.
Subba Rao - TCS

I am immensely pleased with Coord Technologies progress with last 7 seven years, It reflects your dedication and commitment towards Customer. And I am confidant Coord Technologies will reach greater heights continuously.
Mukesh Kumar - HCL Info Systems

I appreciate Coord Technologies team for their dedication and hard work towards assignments. My best wishes to Coord Technologies from Reliance Group.
Virender Rawat - Reliance

Our Location
Flat No.502, Plot.No.42&43,
Pratima Arcade,6th Phase, KPHB,
Hyderabad,Telangana State.
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About Coord Technologies

Coord Technologies is a privately-owned company offering GIS, Engineering Services, Software Development, photogrammetry, Surveying and Virtualization solutions. Our work is driven by vast expertise, advanced technology and quality focus. It’s no surprise that Coord Tech is growing at a rapid pace,with customers spread around the globe.

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